Hi my name is Nicklas ,

I forge knives of all kinds, for example Bowies, hunting knives, outdoor/camping knives and kitchen knives, if you only want a blade and make your own handel, that's fine too. All knives are handmade bye me from start to finish. Al damaskus and sanmai are in house , stabilized wood and cast  hybrid blanks are also made by me. So everything comes from here, Botarve farm in the middle of Burgsvik.

Have also made spearheads and battle hammers and other forging. If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact me with your project, I'm always ready for a new challenge. //Nicke. 

Now also offers sharpening of various edged tools such as knives, scissors, garden tools etc.

san mai subhilt Bowie
san mai subhilt Bowie

Hardening furnace to get an even and proper hardening. 

Mosaik Damask 15N20,uhb 20c och Nickel.