Handforged knives from Gotland.

Knife sharpening and sharpening of other edged tools.

1. Knives up to 12 cm SEK 55

2 Knives from 12 cm to 19 cm SEK 65 

3 Knives from 19 cm and up SEK 85 

Free sharpening applies to knives made by Botarve Smedjan. 

When you have handed in your knives for sharpening, you can usually pick them up the day after 

Sharpening knives with damaged edges or broken tips

From SEK 125 depending on the extent of the damage

from SEK 125

Grinding hedge trimmers

100 SEK

Scythe sharpening

 150 sec

Sharpening scissors

75 sec

Grinding of meat grinder with plate

100 kr

Hedge shears

100 kr


 85 sek

For sharpening other edge tools, contact me for price.

If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me.